Immortal Jellyfish Life Cycle

What is the life cycle of a jellyfish who never dies?

The immortal jellyfish turning into a baby

The immortal jellyfish life cycle will never end. It goes through process that can make him immortal. There are two distinct stages of a jellyfish’s life cycle: the polypoid stage and the medusa stage.

It is no different to the turritopsis dohrnii, except that it can revert to its polyp stage at any time.

In order to do this reversion, the immortal jellyfish will use tissue from the circulatory canal system as well as the bell surface and the process used is called transdifferentiation.

But in order to undergo this transformation, the immoral jellyfish develops somehow some missing cell types like sensory cells. There is insufficient data regarding this process.

To understand its transformation and to get a full picture on the immortal jellyfish life cycle, the graphic below will help:

The rejuvenated jellyfish will reach its sexual maturity in less than 30 days if the water temperature is 20 degrees Celius or in 18-22 days if the water temperature is 22 degrees. After it reached maturity, it doesn’t automatically revert to its former statute.